This section of web-page is dedicated to the materials of the students scientific conferences organized by the Center. Please contact us if you are interested in any aspect  of the presented researches.    

The Conference theme "Environmental Security"                       
Date 3 November, 2008 
Partcipants  The subjects of the presented researches/ HEI, faculties 
G. Galstyan The transportation as a main source of atmospheric pollution / YSU, Faculty of Journalism 
E. Sargsyan   "Gold rush"- cause of healthcare and unemployment problems / YSU, Faculty of Journalism
D. Zaprosyan  The issues of GMO's biosafety in the context of Environmental Law: Relevant legislation and awareness of public / YSU, Faculty of Biology 
T.Ghevondyan Environmental security policy in the field of nuclear power/SEUA
S.Hayrapetyan The problems of environmental policy in Armenia/SEUA
S. Badalyan Legal regulation of use of GMO in Armenia/ YSU, Faculty of Law 
H. Zaqaryan The role of genetics in depicting and protection of species: Life Barcodes/ YSU Faculty of Biology
K. Mkrtumyan The issues of land monitoring in Armenia/ YSU, Faculty of Chemistry 
L. Melikyan Aqua chemical features of the transboundary river Aghstev/ YSU, Faculty of Chemistry
N. Nalbandyan The seasonal nature of biogenic elements in the waters of Vedi river/ YSU, Faculty of Chemistry
The Conference theme  
Environmental protection and economic development  
Date  December 3, 2009
Particpants The subjects of the presented researches/ HEI, faculties
S. Esoyan  The history of creation of GMOs and the its impact on economic development 
A. Khlghatyan 
Climate change in the context of economic disparity 
A. Azaryan  Environmental governance trough transitional economy  
S.Shahbazyan Legal regulation of announcing the territory as catastrophe
A. Vardanyan Some issues of economic development and environmental protection in Armenia
A. Atanesyan Legal regulation of environmental insurance   

The Conference theme

"Problems of protection and use of specially protected natural areas in the Republic of Armenia" 


December 3, 2010


The subjects of the presented researches/ HEI, faculties 

S. Khachatryan

Problems of use and protection of specially protected natural areas (criminological aspects)

M. Khanoyan

The shifts in biodiversity in "Wordan karmir" reserve entailing from privatization of land in Armenia./ SAUA

M. Ghukasyan

Legal matters of establishment and governance in RA (Gilan Reserve Case)/ YSU, faculty of law

L. Adulyan 

Environmental problems resulted by the introduction of urban construction rules to the Civil Code of Armenia / Armenian Slavonic University


December 15, 2012 Conference Theme Problems of Waste Management in RA
Participants The subjects of the presented researches/ HEI, faculties 
L. Babunc Problems of management of persistent organic pollutants in RA/YSU, Faculty of Law
M. Grigoryan


License for recycling, neutralization, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous waste/YSU, Faculty of Biology 
K. Hakobyan Problems of powers of public authority in the sphere of waste management/YSU, Faculty of Law
T. Tarkhanyan Problems of waste management in the context of compensation for material damages/YSU, Faculty of Law 
H. Galstyan
A. Teloyan
Monitoring and cadastre of the waste sites in RA/YSU, Faculty of Biology 

N. Ishkhanyan

Problems of waste management in RA/ASEU
M.Tovmasyan Economic instruments in the sphere of waste recycling/YSU, Faculty of Law

Conference theme